Debate: Reflection on the role of food integrity in evolving food systems

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During this debate the evolution of food chains towards food systems and the role of food integrity in these future food systems will be introduced. The shift in food integrity from a narrow to a broad view will also be discussed.

The modern food system - characterized by external inputs (such as fossil fuels, fertilizers and crop protection solutions,…), lower labor inputs and long supply chains - is currently the dominant model in Europe. This model is a clear example of a food chain approach. However, the existing diversity in the landscape of food production, trade and consumption can't be ignored. There are also many small-scale family-based producers providing food for (local) markets operating alongside large-scale globalized food companies and suppliers.

Food integrity is capturing more than only traditional elements of food and nutrition security, such as food safety and quality. Other elements such as sustainability or impact on the ecosystem and social wellbeing of both consumers or employment in the agri-food chain are getting more important in future-oriented food systems.

The combination of these elements in a food system may lead to opportunities as well as conflicting situations.

You are invited to reflect on the role of food integrity in evolving food systems during an interactive debate together with the most inspiring and influential Belgian stakeholders in the agri-food chain (CEOs, sustainability managers and quality managers)

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The debate will take place on September 20th from 15h15 till 18h30 and will be followed by a walking dinner. 

Main language: Dutch
Simultaneous translation into English upon request (on registration form)

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Communicatiecampus (building 485)
Sint-Denijslaan 485
B-9000 Ghent (BE)