Microbiological guidelines

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On Tuesday 5 February, Alimento organizes a training about the benefits and drawbacks of the microbiological analysis of foods. 

Food should be tasty, healthy, sustainable and preferably not too expensive. But food should also be safe and with sufficient guarantees on maintaining good quality aspects until the end-of-shelf life. The various actors in the food supply chain have an interest in verifying the expected quality and safety by means of microbiological analyses of food.

Measurement brings knowledge and microbiological guidelines help in the decision-making process for judging the acceptability of food or food production processes.

Microbiological guidelines can help in interpretation of test results in assessing good (hygienic) practices in the production of food, determining the shelf life and ensuring food safety.


The training will take place from 9 till 16.30.

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You can sign up for the training via the website

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