Neem deel: UGent enquête “Food Integrity in the European supply chain”


Notice: this information is supplied in English as the survey to be competed is in English

As part of an EU funded research project into food integrity, Ghent University has launched a survey on the topic. The objective of the survey is to establish whether there is support within the food industry for an information sharing platform to trace food fraud as early on as possible in the chain. Fevia’s European sister federation - FoodDrinkEurope - is on the advisory board of this project. Fevia warmly invites you to take part in this 15 minute survey.

Link to the survey:
More information about the project:

Backgroud information from Ghent University

“We are looking for various perspectives on food integrity issues in companies or organizations supplying the European food market. By consulting stakeholders we aim to discover the feasibility of a system for information sharing to prevent and detect food fraud. We kindly invite you to participate in this survey, which is the first of three rounds. Participation in the first round does not obligate you to join the other rounds.” 

  • Round 1: Online anonymous survey 
    • November 2017
    • Who? Food industry actors with responsibilities regarding food integrity
    • 15 minutes
  • Round 2: Online feedback consultation about the survey report 
    • December 2017
    • Receive the results of Round 1 and give online feedback on the findings
    • Who? All interested experts from food industry, policy makers, academia, … 
    • 15 minutes
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  • Round 3: Stakeholder workshop 
    • May 28th 2018, Belfast
    • Open discussion aiming at consensus about the potential, feasibility and conditions for success of an early signaling system
    • Who? All interested stakeholders from food industry, policy makers, academia and others
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