GS1 Innovation Café

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GS1 Belgilux presents its second GS1 Innovation Café. At the crossroads of innovation and standardisation, professionals are invited to come together for an afternoon to discuss the potentials and pitfalls of tomorrow's technologies.

Artificial Intelligence for better data quality

Artificial intelligence can be used to improve structured data recognition for data entry and to enable computer vision for self-checkout systems. In a recent study, McKinsey notes that only one percent of data collected is ever analysed for use in powerful business outcomes and decisions such as predictive analytics or optimisation. Data is core for GS1, so it is no surprise that GS1 is exploring the use of this technology for improving its services. While the presentations will focus mainly on the use of AI in the food sector, the learnings can be applied to other sectors as well.


  • 14:30 - Welcome drink
  • 15:00 - Welcome by the chairman of the GS1 Innovation Committee
  • 15:05 - AI and Data Quality
  • 15:15 - From the GS1 Research Labs
  • 15:45 - The use of AI at GS1
  • 16:15 - Smart with Food
  • 16:30 - Q&A
  • 17:00 - Networking reception

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