Seminar on Food Crisis - How to react?

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Legal issues and Beyond

Is your company prepared to face a food crisis?

When a food incident turns into a real crisis, the attention of all departments of the affected enterprise is mobilised. Legal counsel, quality managers, communication department and commercial teams must be on board to jointly tackle the issue and quickly mitigate the consequences of the situation.

The objective is clear: securing the food safety while mitigating the criminal, commercial and reputational risks.

How to organise a recall? How to manage the relationship with the authorities? What about the director and manager’s liability? Is there a risk of class action? What are my company’s rights and duties towards the other actors of the food supply chain? How to communicate with media, clients and consumers?

Daldewolf’s legal experts propose answering those questions during a 1-day seminar fully dedicated to the food crisis topic.

Always going the extra mile, they have decided to rise above the purely legal concepts.

Because managing a food crisis is not only a legal issue; because a food crisis has the power to destroy in less than 1 hour the efforts made year after year to build a strong reputation. Daldewolf will team up with experts in crisis communication, a journalist and a crisis simulation training team, thus offering the participants a 360° experience.

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Your takeways

  •  An in-depth understanding of your company’s rights and duties, from a regulatory and a legal point of view
  •  Emergency reflexes when facing a crisis
  •  Crisis communication: tips and tricks

Target audience

  •  Legal counsel
  •  Quality managers
  •  CEO and heads of business units

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